• 4 Things To Do While Social Distancing That is Not Tik Tok

    4 things to do to occupy your time cooped up in the house that is not Tik Tok

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    3. Chill Out, Girl. It's Ok - The importance of Self Care

      We have heard this time and time again. Chill Out. Self Care is important. You are IMPORTANT. How do we balance a world where we are told we need t...
    4. 4 Ways You Are Burning Candles Wrong

      Do this so you will not loose out on fragrance and it will last longer. 

    5. LA Discovery uses 100% Soy wax for candles. Here's why...

      LA Discovery is committed to quality ingredients that is not only good for the earth, but for you too! We use 100% soy wax in all candles and here's why!