Want to Transform Your Space to a Beachy hideaway? Here's 5 Ways how

With summer on the horizon, you may already be daydreaming of your beach vacation. 

Now is the perfect time to spruce up your decor so why not bring the beach home to enjoy all year long.

If you have always loved this decor style but have not figured out how to pull this popular style off, here are 5 easy ways to give your home a beachy decor makeover you've been wanting.  

A photo of a coral and green plant on a wooden ledge. There is a sea motif next to it. Wall art behind the plant depicts colorful images

1. Add a statement plant 

Adding greenery into your space is a sure way to elevate your mood and space. Plants like ferns, orchids or palms are great to make your home look tropical. Place your plant in an interesting ceramic vase for easy styling.

image of a living space with palm tree design wallpaper and table lamp

2. Add pops of color

One way to accomplish the coastal decor vibe is to replace your colored linens with white. But, while you are at it, don't forget to add in a pop of coastal inspired colors such as corals, ocean blues and even pops of citrus yellow.  If you're like me, you live for color, even in a breezy coastal home. Opt to add pops of color with wall art or a colorful coastal style lamp

3Add a beach inspired candle

The scent of sea salt, ozone and the like will transport you to the coast. A beach inspired candle with a minimalistic design is a great way to decorate with the coast in mind. 

image of a white coral table lamp with sea motif

4. Add Sea Motifs

Accents that reference the ocean are the perfect way to add coastal decor. You may even have some laying around from when you collected them on your last beach trip. Put them on display! Style a shelf or side table with a coastal inspired decorative dish or lamp.

image of a couch with pillows with beach inspired wall art

5. Beach Inspired Wall Art

Deck your walls with wall art inspired by the beach. Aim for art that showcases beach wildlife or coastal blues or corals.

By Krystal H.

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