Who We Are

 a collection of hand-selected modern and traditional home decor guaranteed to make you love the space you're in. Complete the look and evoke relaxation with hand-poured soy wax candles. 

Each piece is selected carefully. Putting together a home you love should be a new discovery of you and your style, LA Discovery makes decorating exciting, just like that itinerary-less backpacking trip your still cherishing memories from.    


Inspired by travel and the so-cal lifestyle that owner and founder Krystal has grown to love. A lover of travel and being in the now, Krystal believes that home is where the heart is and can be anywhere you are in the world with the right home decor pieces.

Krystal has always loved home decoration and the idea of hearing the voice in the room even in silence. L.A. Discovery gives everyone the permission to live beautifully surrounded by beautiful things and smells. Candles are just one creative outlet Krystal indulges in.

For now, home for Krystal is Hollywood, CA, where she enjoys eating, doing crazy workouts and going to the beach. Anywhere under a palm tree is her favorite place to be. She loves finding inspiration by the sea and perusing through the home decor shops in Hollywood.