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A sticker for this, a sticker for that. Stickers can be used all around your home for a customized feel. Here are 3 ways to utilize custom stickers in your home


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1. Organize Your Craft Room in Style

 It’s hard to keep a dirty craft room when you have an organization system in place. Putting your craft items in storage containers could be the best way to go for you. If you're like me, your brain operates on the “out of sight, out of mind” theory. Once things are put away, I forget all about them. I'm trying to do better, ok. One solution I've found is to label the bins with high quality stickers that stand the test of time. Since these bins need to be in my face, I wanted to design sticker labels that matched the design of the space. Using a design program like Canva Pro to design stickers that fit your room aesthetic. I added text to the design to describe what was in each box. Getting the stickers printed was super easy with All Stickers Printing, an online print shop that allows me to be creative with the shape and type of paper my stickers are printed on. 


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2. Custom Stickers for Gift Giving 

 The gift of giving can happen all year long. If you frequently find reasons to give, this tip is for you. The next time you have guests over, send them away with a gift adorned with a custom sticker either on the packaging or inside as a part of the gift itself. Keep them on hand year-round for whenever you're in the spirit of giving. If you're a business owner, you can accomplish two goals in one - provide value while also advertising your business. Choosing a waterproof vinyl sticker will ensure that your stickers can be used for an array of different gifts.


photo of product with a blank white label

3. Custom Labels for Candles

 Candles, yes candles. If you burn candles often or have them all around your home you may want them to fit the design aesthetic of your home. Instead of searching for a candle that both meets your design style and has a smell you like, you can purchase unlabeled candles in a minimalistic vessel. Print your customized design on vinyl waterproof stickers for a professional look. PS, these also make great gifts too!

The ideas for stickers around your home can be endless. Stickers are such a fun and easy way to show your creativity. How will you fit them into your home design?



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