4 Candle Scents that Help Reduce Anxiety - Using Candles for Anxiety Treatment

 a woman relaxing in a bathtub with a glass of wine, blueberries and a candle

 Ever wondered what scents are proven to instantly reduce anxiety and boost your mood. Consider these 4 fragrances for their proven healing properties. Candles have been scientifically proven to soothe us. In fact, oftentimes candles are used in talk therapy to make the patient feel more relaxed and comfortable. This form of therapy, coined “candle therapy” has been beneficial to many across the world. 

 Centuries ago, people around the world started using scented candles for a myriad of rituals. The gentle flicker of candle light becomes mesmerizing. They promote healing, mental clarity as well as cleanse the energy around you. Lighting a candle at the start of your meditation practice will promote focus.

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 There are some scents that, over time, have proven to have certain healing properties and promote an uplifted mood in many people. According to report from Columbia Medicine, here are 4 of the scents that will help with anxiety. 

      1. Orange - Sadness Reducer 

Orange essential oil will help you relax and reduce stress. Orange will evoke happy memories, improving your sad mood instantly. Light a candle with orange or mandarin to feel happy again

      2. Sage - Mood Lifter

Clary sage is proven to instantly lift your mood. We have so many thoughts that try to invade our mind regularly that it is easy to be in a good mood one moment and a bad one the next. Light a sage scented candle to regulate your mood.

       3. Lemon - Mental Alertness

Speaking of these intrusive thoughts that change our mood. These thoughts can also throw us off what’s important. Candles with Lemon essential oil will promote mental alertness and focus. Light this candle when you need to focus on a task or just to shut up the metal chatter

       4. Lavender - Relaxation 

If you've ever stuck your nose in a bunch of lavender, you know that it makes you feel instantly relaxed and safe. Lavender essential oil has been proven to help you wind down and get a good sleep. Lighting a candle with lavender essential oil at the end of your stressful day will help you relax and let go of the day, making you better to take on the next.

 Along with some others, these 4 scents will promote healing, relax you and evoke fond memories that will help you destress. Other fragrances to incorporate are peppermint for physical relief such as migraines or nausea or bergamot for fatigue. You can incorporate scented candles into your daily routine. Daily meditation has been proven to relieve stress. Lighting a candle at the start of your practice may help you stay focused on the important things - like breathing and clearing your mind. Additionally, lighting a candle before a relaxed exercise routine or yoga will lift your mood as well. 

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