Self Care - What it Means and How to Define it For You


Ok so were able to go back outside again. This means we are getting busier. As we are piling things back onto our plate, we must not forget the care we gave to ourselves when we had nothing else to do. When we let our minds rest from all the agonizing thoughts of what the future might hold. This is a reminder:

You Cannot Pour From an Empty Cup, Take Care of Yourself First. 

Here are 4 easy ways to practice self care:


1. Get moving.

It's no secret that our bodies are made to move. Do a quick 10 minute yoga or stretch routine or of course you can go all out and do an intense bootcamp. Either way, you are caring for your body and it will reward you for it.

2. Cater to your skin.

This is your sign to use that beautiful body wash and lotion set you got for your birthday. Don't forget to exfoliate. I personally like this exfoliator by  I found on Amazon. Catering to your skin will give you an instant boost of confidence. 


3. Deep condition or style your hair

Being a girl with kinky hair, washing my hair can be an all day affair. I incorporate this into my self care by alloting plenty of time to deep condition the hair. During this time while the products are doing their magic on my hair(i.e. penetrating my tresses) I can sometimes come up with the best ideas while i'm deep conditioning or styling my hair. Making this a 


4. Start a journal

This tip is both for you and me. Over the years I have started and stopped journals. I love journals because it forces you to sit still for a while. I like to write down thoughts to see how crazy they sound before I say it aloud. You should aim for 3 pages and do it immediately after you wake up. Reading back there were days I was frustrated and other says I was just grateful for life. There were a lot of days I just rambled about how bad my handwriting was that day. Overall, that was a part of my day that was dedicated to me.

These are 4 easy things you can do to practice self care. If you already do some of these, next time you do them, do them with the intention of living in the moment and enjoying what you're doing. Self Care starts with you.



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