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image of dining room with wooden table with pink table runner. Peach tuffted chairs around the table. The wall is covered in a dark wallpaper and decorated with a empty frame gallery wall
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   Are you a more is more type of person? Do you like to be loud and expressive? Have you found yourself bored with the minimalist, monochromatic design trends? You will be happy to know that color is back on trend. But, for you, you never stopped living your colorful life.

Minimalism vs Maximalism: What is the difference?

Simply put, a minimalist style relies on clean lines and monochromatic hues. For most, it also means freeing up clutter and only having functional pieces. Maximilist homes, however, are full of color and mismatched textures and hues.  Both design styles can showcase your personal style.

A maximilist kitchen is a bold space that is ruled by patterns, color and interesting accessories. Think of all the ways you can incorporate color - countertops, floors, ceilings, backsplash or add colorful furniture.

A dining room decorated with a bright blue jungle themed wallpaper, pink flowers and rattan chandeliers

                Image Credit: @maximilist.decor

 Designing a maximalist home has no right answers. As long as you go for eye-catching and bold designs you will not go wrong. Your maximalist home will be filled with patterns, color and your favorite art pieces. You are free from the stress of matching different elements and let each piece of pattern standout on its own.

In this article we will focus on the kitchen. Designing a kitchen can be challenging when you are trying to balance functional items with decoration. Here are 4 simple ways to change your dull, colorless kitchen into a maximilst kitchen. We can do this by focusing on cabinets, walls, floors and accessories. 


image of colorful kitchen with pink, yellow and purple cabinets

 Image Credit: @wiltshirewonderland

Give your cabinets a maximalist facelift with a bold printed contact paper or fresh coat of bright paint. 


an image of wallpaper with colorful flowers

Image Credit: @wallplays

Your walls in your kitchen can be a blank canvas. You can add a bright one tone accent wall, paint an arch or use an all over peel and stick wall paper with a pattern that speaks to you. 


photo of a kitchen with pink tiled floors, wooden table and white cabinets

For a completely new look, consider swapping your floor tiles with bright colored ones or tiles with that you can create a unique pattern. If you're a renter, try adding a colorful kitchen rug to make your floors more interesting. 


photo of a dining table with blue table runner and design accessories 

Image Credit: ladiscoveryshop.com

 Find kitchen gadgets that are both functional and interesting. Don’t be afraid to add plants, sculptures and artwork on cabinets and walls to take your kitchen decor to the max.


Utilizing these ways to maximilize your kitchen design are an easy way to get started on maximilit design. The best thing about a maximilist home is that it is never quite complete. You can keep finding ways to express yourself in every room of your home. You will enjoy being in your kitchen that is now a true expression of You!

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