4 Ways You Are Burning Candles Wrong

Surprise! You may be burning candles all wrong.

Here are 4 mistakes you are making that you can fix now for a better burn.

1. The first burn is too short. 

I get it, you're excited. You got your LA Discovery candle in the mail and you want to burn it immediately :)

Hold off on that highly anticipated first burn unless you have at least 2 hours of time to burn your candle. Burning your candle for 30 minutes or even 1 hour will not allow the wax to fully melt around the perimeter. This will cause a tunneling effect that shrinks the size of your candle. Do this so you will not loose out on fragrance and it will last longer. 

2. You're not trimming the wick.

There are some sure ways to know your wick needs to be trimmed. A few signs that the wick is time for a trim. One is the flame has gotten to big(over an inch). Another is if you start to see black burn spots on the container. When the wick starts to mushroom over. Simply trim the excess wick and you're good to go.

3. You're burning the candle too long.

For safety, never leave a candle unattended, even when going to bed. Candles are their best when burned 3-4 hours at a time. Let the wax solidify before relighting the candle. In the worst cases the wick gets buried in the pool of hot wax and may be hard to relight after this is done. Be sure to wait until the wax cools before searching for the wick.

4. You sit your candle near a window or air vent.

Placing your candle near a draft throws off the scent throw and could possibly blow hot wax around. Also, when the flame is leaning or shifting it does not create an even burn.

Small changes stand to make a big difference in your candle burning experience. Make it a whole experience. You deserve it!

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