Chill Out, Girl. It's Ok - The importance of Self Care

We have heard this time and time again. Chill Out. Self Care is important. You are IMPORTANT. How do we balance a world where we are told we need to calm down and practice self care but we are also told that there is no time for chilling when there is money to be made. 

The truth is, the money will be there after that massage or bubble bath. The money will be there and there will be plenty of it. You have to present your best self. To do that, you have to take some time to be kind to your mind and physical body.

You Cannot Pour From an Empty Cup, Take Care of Yourself First. 

Here are 4 easy ways to practice self care:

1. Get Moving.

There are people that I meet and they tell me right away they don't workout. Baloney. Your body is made to move. Figure out a way to move and have fun. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. The pain is only temporary and so is our life In this form. Let's make the most of it. You cannot go wrong with a good dance workout and YouTube has plenty to choose from. The energy you have after a nice workout that is both fun and effective are, to some, unmatched as a Self Care activity.

2. Moisturize your skin

You probably have some nice body wash and lotion set you been meaning to use. Set a day in the week where you pamper yourself at home. Nourish your skin with body scrubs, luxuries lotions and exfoliants. Light a LA DISCOVERY candle and take at least 10 minutes of silence to ground yourself, giving praise to your mind and body. Fall in love with yourself every time.


3. Deep Condition or style your hair

Hair care, you have to do it anyway. I find that braiding/twisting  my hair is therapeutic. I like to deep condition for a few hours while massaging my scalp before I get started. I might throw on a movie, light a candle, and twist away. This is usually an all day thing so I make the best of it.


4. Start a journal

This tip is both for you and me. Over the years I have started and stopped journals. I love journals because it forces you to sit still for a while. I like to write down thoughts to see how crazy they sound before I say it aloud. You should aim for 3 pages and do it immediately after you wake up. Reading back there were days I was frustrated and other says I was just grateful for life. There were a lot of days I just rambled about how bad my handwriting was that day. Overall, that was a part of my day that was dedicated to me.

These are 4 easy things you can do to practice self care. If you already do some of these, next time you do them, do them with the intention of living in the moment and enjoying what you're doing. Self Care starts with you.